When you backpack solo through unknown parts of the world or countries in which you don't speak the language, you get a lot of food for thought. Having crossed the 50-country mark recently, the hilarious, unforgettable, exhilarating, and occasionally life threatening experiences he has lived through have inspired Mauktik to write books. If you are an adrenalin junkie, travelogue lover, or one of the dying tribe of bibliophiles, check them out. Hard copies and e-books are available on Amazon, Flipkart and a few other online outlets.

A Ghost of Che

Based on his first solo adventure, A Ghost of Che is a memoir of Mauktik's 5000-mile motorcycle trip in South America. Inspired by The Motorcycle Diaries, but without speaking a word of Spanish, he managed to navigate the back roads of Peru, Chile and Argentina. And came back alive to write about it! Here is a Sneak peek.

Packing Up Without Looking Back

Mauktik's second big adventure was an yearlong, round-the-world trip to 36 countries. If you don't count Antarctica as a continent, Packing Up Without Looking Back recounts how he managed to hit all the continents in the world in one fell swoop. Wonders of the world, shark cage diving, climbing Kilimanjaro, Carnival in Rio, Amazon safari, Great Barrier Reef, midnight sun in Scandinavia, Auschwitz; you name it! He managed to complete his bucket list...on steroids. Here is a Sneak peek.

Madness on Wheels

Marathi translation of A Ghost of Che, somewhat ironically titled Madness on Wheels, is a labor of love translated by former Loksatta editor Amruta Karkare and published by Mouj Prakashan in Mumbai. Here is a Sneak peek.

A La Sombra del Che

Spanish translation of A Ghost of Che, titled A la sombra del Che, is written by Nancy Capriles, professor of psychology at Kentucky State University, and edited by Manuel Medina, professor of Spanish at the University of Louisville. Here is a Sneak peek.


In addition, as a guest columnist, Mauktik has written articles on traveling, entrepreneurship, sports and film making for various publications like LiveMint, Rediff, Scroll, Sakaal and other outlets.