With his varied interests, inquisitive nature, successes and failures in various ventures, near-death experiences and a treasure trove of hair-raising stories, Mauktik has regaled a wide variety of audiences, including entrepreneurs, college students, bikers, backpackers, art lovers, creative writers and film makers.

As a part of the 'Dialogics' series hosted by Suraj Yengde at the Harvard Kennedy School of Govt., discussing the oppressive Hindu caste system in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in the US, along with acclaimed actor/director Nandita Das, for the 'Interrogating Caste Privileges' episode.

Audio interview on All India Radio about Mauktik's journey from engineering to neuroscience, backpacking, creative writing and film making (in Marathi by journalist/author Amruta Karkare)

0 to 50 countries before hitting 35! As a part of 'Backpacking 101,' recounting some exciting, scary, and humorous experiences from his three major adventures: Two that led to books and one that led to a movie.

At the Motorcycle Travellers Meet (MTM) in Bangalore, talking about his crazy, solo, 5000-mile motorcycle trip through the back roads of Peru, Chile and Argentina.

At the inaugural session of Lime Diaries, a travel storytelling event sponsored by Byond Travel at the Arbor Brewing Company, Bangalore.

At the 50th edition of Vedh, a career guidance lecture series organized by the Institute for Psychological Health, India, to help students navigate the ever expanding maze of career choices. (in Marathi by acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Anand Nadkarni)

Here is a sample of other topics Mauktik has discussed at invited lectures at various forums:

"The Art of Storytelling" - IIT Gandhinagar (2019), Atos, Mumbai (2019), VNIT Nagpur (2019), Arista Networks, Pune, India (2019)

"Media Censorship & India's Economic Growth" - India Ideas Conference, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA (2018)

"Riding on a Sunbeam" - New York University, New York, USA (2018)

"My Story" - TiE Pune, India (2018)

"Neuroscience, Ethics & Morality" - IIT Gandhinagar (2019), The Goa Project, Goa, India (2015)

"Film-making as Entrepreneurship" - TiECon Central India, Nagpur, India (2014)

"Autobiography? Writing 'A Ghost of Che'" - 39th Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture, Louisville, USA (2011)