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Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the reasons behind India's military standoff with China, its short-term implications, and longer term solutions.

Scroll: Personal essay by Mauktik about the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd's tragic death, and how caste privileges blinded him to race in the US.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on India's vanishing demographic dividend as Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes six years in office.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the hydroxychloroquine controversy during the Covid-19 pandemic and its pharma industry back story.

Scroll: Personal essay by Mauktik recounting the political journeys of the US and India intertwined with his family history.

LiveMint: Article by Mauktik about science, politics and the pandemic, and why no FDR, Gandhi or Mandela will emerge out of the crisis.

LiveMint: Article by Mauktik recounting experiences from the 36-country round-the-world trip that are helping him cope with self-isolation.

The Juggernaut: Article by Mauktik on the sweeping victory of India's Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi and whether it can take on the BJP nationally.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act in India and the elections in the state of Delhi.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the latest developments in artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and their implications for our understanding of ethics, politics and free-will.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the recent political developments in the US, the UK and Israel, and lessons for the Indian democracy.

The Juggernaut: Article by Mauktik on India's attempted moon landing and how India can become an innovation powerhouse, titled 'India, the Moon, and Innovation'.

Fair Observer: Article by Mauktik on the evolving situation in Kashmir titled 'The Constitutional Immorality of Abrogating India's Article 370'.

The Wire: Article titled 'Techies Are Ruining Our Democracies' by Mauktik about the dangers posed by runaway innovations.

SPAN Magazine: Interview titled 'Riding on Dreams' by Prof. Megan McDrew for the US embassy in India.

Maharashtra Times: Review of 'Madness on Wheels' by Surendra Gondane.

YourStory: Interview by Rakhi Chakraborty about 'An Engineering Turned Neuroscientist is on a Mission to Make Backpacking Cool'.

National Geographic Traveller India: Interview titled 'Revolutionary Road' by Riddhi Doshi for the 5th Anniversary Edition.

LiveMint: Article titled 'An Irrational Neuroscientist' by Mauktik Kulkarni about his journey from neuroscience to film making.

Scroll: Article about the censor board troubles of 'Riding on a Sunbeam' by Nandini Ramnath.

The Hindu: Coverage of the travel storytelling event 'Tales from the Road' by Nikhil Varma.

Ghumakkar: Interview about the solo bike trip, round-the-world trip and the travel documentary 'Riding on a Sunbeam' by Archana Ravichander.

Indiapages: Interview on 'Accidental Inspiration' by Suhana Bhatia.

Times of India: Article by Aparna Nair about 'A Travel Guru Bit Hard by the Travel Bug'.

Mid-Day: Article about 'Riding on a Sunbeam' by Krutika Behrawala.

Rediff: As a special correspondent for FIFA World Cup 2014, a series of articles by Mauktik Kulkarni.

Loksatta: Article about the round-the-world trip by Amruta Karkare.

A book review of 'A Ghost of Che' by Prof. Manolo Medina, literature professor at University of Louisville.